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What we Offer

We use our local environmental surroundings to grasp the breathtaking memorable moments “Reactivate” offer. Along the way you will learn more about yourself through a guided plan of goal setting, self regulation through breath control and determination. Providing everlasting memories of skills that you will never forget.

A whole wide range of physical activities that cater towards non-active individual to the most enthusiastic athletic individual. The variety of activities include Water sports swimming, surfing, snorkelling, fishing , stand up paddle boarding, kayaking. Athletics track and field events. To court and field sports including, A.F.L, rugby, tennis, soccer, basketball, netball and t-ball. To adventure bush walking, bike riding, meditation. boxing, yoga and weight training. Just sit and let reactivate organise it all for you ,while you enjoy the ride. Think of the time we offer to put that energy back into you and your health and well-being. Furthermore, keeping on the right track and mind set once you finish.

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