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Since my days at school, I’ve been involved in sports. Now, thirty years on. I’m once again back at school but as a teacher, changing kids’ everyday lifes for the better.


As an educator, I’ve discovered the need for a father/ Uncle figure in many youths life’s. There are many growing up in an unsupportive living environment which can sometimes be hard for the individual within a diverse society. I provide the extra support a child needs for growing up and making the right choices in life. Children need role models to steer them in the right direction, simply knowing right from wrong, understanding trust, honesty and respect. Providing a solid foundation for one’s upbringing is very important.  


With having experience in numerous jobs in dealing with children’s’ emotions of anxiousness, aggression, happiness and fearfulness. I have gained an exceptional understanding of child’s cognitive processors and how they adapt to change. Transforming their minds into thinking clearer within the physical environment that surrounds them. As a health and physical education teacher. I provide knowledge and experience in the essential skills needed to help overcome kids challenges in life and have provided positive energy and supportive environment that a child needs, as they grow within their adolescent years. 


Through the use of movement and the help of nature. I provide an ever-changing positive outlook on life. My motto is “ Whatever you want in life, you can get it.” Even at times, suffering anxiety myself, I find the key to living a well-balanced lifestyle includes a great diet, social interaction, physical activity, positive affirmation and most importantly an encouraging, caring and supportive environment for them to excel in life. 


With my numerous experience in Outdoor Recreation, Youth Counselling, Personal Training and rehabilitation. I have been able to create a working life that’s fun, exciting and rewarding for myself and others involved. I have worked with all types of backgrounds, Ethnic religion and Indigenous and Torres Strait backgrounds. Along with travelling overseas to third world countries, to teach students not only daily living skills but how to have fun while doing it. Furthermore, I have worked with clients that suffer from chronic conditions, anxiety or depression, providing rehabilitation, goal setting and healthy eating habits to change their ways of thinking. I have developed interpersonal skills which I utilise to achieve positive engagement which provides outcomes to students which they never thought were possible. With my calm, empathetic and listening abilities, I have demonstrated the skills and knowledge to successfully de-escalated agitated students and suicidal thoughts.  I have a compassionate and positive outlook on motivation for change. I've been privileged enough to witness remarkable changes in people's lives. Just by setting goals, working hard and providing the right fundamentals for life skills, knowing that anything is achievable. 


As a professional educator and an adventure therapist. I’m very aware of how being active in the outdoors can overcome negative perspectives on life. I help bring a positive influence on a person's health and wellbeing. It’s so rewarding to witness a smile on a child's face when participating in our recreation programs. It not only diminishes our anxiety and depressive state that one may be in but also helps our cognitive ability to think clearer and fight back any health complications they may have to deal with on a daily basis.


My goal is to implement a good healthy lifestyle while being a Father, Uncle figure. Creating positive self-esteem and confidence in pursuing life goals for each individual. I have a natural ability to set high expectations of myself and for my clientele to achieve lifelong skills. I will always challenge myself to accomplish the best outcome possible in a child’s life.

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